The King County Sheriff’s Offie is reporting that on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020, deputies caught a male who appeared to be assaulting a female in the 10600 block of Aqua Way South near White Center (map below).

When deputies arrived they saw the assault underway, and as soon as he spotted the deputies, the male suspect got in to a sedan and took off, attempting to elude capture.

Deputies recognized the suspect as someone they had been looking for – a male with a felony arrest warrant for Escape from Department of Corrections Custody.

As the suspect tried to escape, one deputy was able to use his car to push the suspect vehicle to the side of the road. While waiting for additional deputies to arrive, the suspect put his vehicle in drive then reverse in an attempt to escape.

After the arrival of more deputies, the suspect was removed from the vehicle and arrested. The vehicle was impounded by deputies, and a search warrant is being sought to look for additional evidence. A check on the sedan shows it was stolen from the city of Seattle.

The suspect was turned over to a Department of Corrections officer and later booked into the King County Jail.

Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office